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Welcome to our BUY lists!

Please note all prices are for credit only.  You may "cash out" your credit at anytime for 75% of the total.  As an example if you trade us in items and have $200 store credit you may cash that out and we'll pay you $150.  Payments are via Paypal (we pay the fees!) or Money order.  Payment by Money order will incure a fee of $3 which will be removed from your payment when sent.



Magic cards must be in order of the invoice sold to us.  There will be a substanial fee (as high as 50%) for unsorted cards as it requires a LOT of time (and thus payroll) to sort items.  All cards MUST be in Lightly played or better condition (See TCG Player guidelines)

D&D minis do NOT need cards.  If you have them we will gladly accept them and you do not need to sort them in any way.  Just include them with the figures. Figures must not be modified in any way though we will accept items marked on the non visable play area (initals on the bottom of the bases for example are acceptable).

Star Wars minis MUST have cards. Cards must be in lightly played or better condition and figures must not be altered or marked on in any way.

Hero Scape units and Squads MUST have cards.  The basic side of the cards can have some writing/ initial/ marks but the advanced rule side but be clean and in relitively good shape.  Figures, hexes and other items may also be marked on but these must not be visable on the "play side" (so initial on the bottom of hexes and figures are fine).


As a rule we do our best to make payments within 1 week of receiving your request to cash out but this can be as much as 3-4 weeks in rare instances.